Friday, January 13, 2006

Get Inspired….its easy & cheap. Planning to make a film, but nothing original is striking you……Chill !!! Go buy some Dvds of acclaimed directors, a truckload of popcorn and get inspired. Bingo!! We have a release in 9 mths, which is apparently different and interesting.
I think originality cease to exist in the Indian film industry. Its always a rip off masquerading as inspiration that matters and surprisingly it is able to rake in the moolah.
The filmmaker or the producers are not to blamed entirely. It takes 2 to Tango. We are equally responsible having accepted the crap that’s being churned day in day out and above all we are paying to see it.
It’s like smoking a cigi, we are actually buying death. We need to reject and stop watching movies which does not deserve a viewership. Once such movies start tanking and make losses regularly, the filmmakers will get wiser and start to make original and/or good content films.

‘Original Content is the King’ its high time we realize that.


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