Saturday, January 14, 2006

Inflating The Balloon....

‘Inflating The Balloon’ is a theory conceived by my friend Rajiv & Me one evening at Barista while sipping cappuccino. The theory states or rather goes on say that every individual feeds his brain with ideas or passive ambition and dreams, which he wants to fulfill or achieve, like inflating a balloon. I mention passive here because it’s not strong enough to come to the forefront. It mostly takes a back seat, never to see the daylight and occupies most of your brain.
Then one day u decide to take a plunge into that uncharted territory. If u r remotely successful, u tie a knot to that balloon signifying success or else u keep watering u r ideas taking it to a new pseudo level, thus filling air in the balloon.
REALITY CHECK, One fine day the balloon bursts which brings u back to earth. U accept the reality and continue to live the so called mundane life.
Then there is another kind of people whose balloon never inflates. Their life denotes a pretty much D.C line,no crests or troughs. A balanced life I guess.

In effect every one is given that balloon in life .So are you tying a knot or ….?


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