Friday, December 30, 2005

Piracy - A Blessing In Disguise ???

General take on Piracy …’Piracy is bad, should be stopped.’ Agreed… but not completely. I feel piracy has done its bit for the spread of knowledge and information. Piracy acts as a stepping-stone for acquisition of knowledge which would otherwise have been difficult to seek. A classic example is the Windows O.S. Majority of people have actually learned computers on pirated version. Thanks to piracy they are now computer literate. Once their literacy starts to pay them, they realize that harmful effects of piracy and shift to the licensed version. Had it not been for piracy we would have lost one computer literate, in effect the sale of on licensed version of Windows O.S.
Piracy can only do so much harm, but it can do a little good too. Imagine buying those expensive cd’s to sample songs of genres which you think you like. Now piracy actually helps you to decide what you like. A true music lover will always will go for the original once he knows what he likes and what he wants.
We need to get out of our narrow confines that piracy is out to ruin us. Constructive approach to piracy is the Mantra.