Saturday, October 08, 2005

Politicians – A Misunderstood Lot …..or Are They Living Up To Their Reputation.

Politician anywhere in this world are always at the receiving end. If you have no one to blame then blame it on the politicians. I think we have taken the politicians for granted, having a preset notion that they are no good and a corrupt lot.
Lets face it, corruption is everywhere and you cannot escape corruption in this capitalistic age. I would accept any politician and consider him good if he is reasonably corrupt to some threshold value, but at the same time is able to give back equally to the society and add to the upliftment of the people.We have everything to gain if a politician is able to achieve that. An idealistic approach today takes us nowhere.
I strongly believe politics is a great career and every young mind should give it a serious thought.

A corrupt Politician is still better than a corrupt Doctor.


Anonymous Toral said...


I totally agree with you... An idealistic approach will get us nowhere. But in our country what we need is a wake up call. I seriously think more people ought to take an interest in the politics of our country and atleast exercise their right to vote. We choose the good or bad politican thats coming instead of sitting home on the election day and cribbing for the rest of the year. I do hope that our quest to find that one politician who will do good for our country and think beyond himself will end someday soon.

2:12 AM  
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Anonymous Bhavin said...

I completely agree here. Corruption isn't good, but sometimes it's inescapable. More importantly, the society needs a politician that will better it, period. If in the process the politician gains some benefits, so be it. In short, if a politician makes a decision for the sake of his beneifits, that's a problem. If he decides keeping the benefits of the society AND also benefits from that decision, then as a society we might be better off by receiving those benefits than if we were to have a honest but inefficient politician.

8:39 PM  

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