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Is Selection of Paheli for Oscar Justified ?

Paheli for Oscars from India, Is that the best India could do ?. The Truth is , India has stopped producing quality movies. We just make movies so that it runs for 5 days and with the advent of multiplexers , the movie becomes a hit. Money recovered ... make another crap. This cycle continues. Will someone ever break the shackles and make a movie that can really be counted.
There were just not enough movies in the basket to select from which could be sent to the Oscars. Again there was 'BLACK' which was a strong contender , but didn't make it. Let us for once send movies for their value perse rather then trying show India.
If u've got anything to say regarding the above topic ... be my guest.We need to be heard... and may be we will make a difference.


Blogger Bhavin said...

Let me start by saying that I wasn't blown away by Black either.
Paheli wasn't a great movie, true. It was lazy and seemed like the director didn't really know what he wanted to show through the movie.
Black on the other had was technically brilliant, great story and very good acting by pretty much all.
One big factor that might have affected Black's prospect are it's similarity to a foreign film.
The other thing that stood out was the director's extra effort to make it emotional, the emotions weren't subtle, they were loud, shouting at you to pay attention and cry.
Personally, I think Page 3 was a better choice or even HAKA in that order. Page 3 was a great character based movie.
HAKA behaved similairly like Paheli and Black, where it was hard to understand what the director was trying to say, but HAKA did that less so, and in the end it made a lot of sense.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my take on paheli being India's entry to oscars is pretty justified, i mean if u ask me, i was recently at a film festival where black was screened, some of my collegeues who were from germany saw it, out of four one walked out after first 30mins, only following those who went out in first 15mins, so it really moved me and made me think, what was black. Black is not about indian sensibilities, its a teacher-student relation, its a story of an underdog, i hope we all agree but whats the background!!, whats indian about it, i mean all the streets and sets in the movie seemed like a london backdrop!! and was there any timeframe in which it is about, i mean pre or post independence, and where is such big christian community, dont say goa, its not a hill station!! On the other hand, paheli didnt wanted to show anything like bhavin said but my friend, how many bollywood or hollywood say anything at all!! and i believe the direction was really good it not brilliant. Its all about how u see it!, i fully accept paheli as india's entry simply because it a complete simple indian film, a film without any loud melodrama or hype, and i found it very innocent and un tempered story. And it is a common notion between my little circle of film followers that black was always an deperate attempt to oscar nomination.

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Blogger Sohan Kumar said...

Each one is entitled for his or her opinion, but what I really want to know is on what basis should a movie be judged or selected for the Oscars. The West has a preset notion about India. They want u to show what they really want to see. Should we succumb to their views or select movies on merit?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Page 3 was a good film but not enough to get the attention of winning the Oscar. Black was good but a movie lifted from a Hollywood movie.

Sohan that is why Paheli is the right choice. I am sure I dont want a folk tale made by American to get nominated for national awards. When there are so many moives like Black out there in the world market I feel we should try to be different. The only was is to show our culture and heritage rather than trying to be brilliant by copying a Hollywood movie.

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