Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Indian Advertising.....Creativity Lost ?

Creativity is on the decline in the Indian Advertising scene. Ads today are full of celebrities who after a couple of Ads have no clue which products they are actually endorsing. Creativity has taken a backseat just to accommodate celebrity faces. There is a forced attempt by the creative to get an emotional edge in every Ad. They fail to understand that pseudo emotions just don’t work.
The Ads seen on television today in no way qualifies as benchmark for young budding creative copywriters. There are no serious Ads, which can actually inspire someone. I think the gap between
what the client wants, the stuff that creative has to offer and what an end user expects to see is way too large and needs to be bridged. After watching the new Pepsi commercial featuring SRK, I ‘am planning to quit drinking Pepsi. I don’t want to be associated with a brand, which has no Ad sense.

I wonder if creativity and client requirement can ever go hand in hand. What do u think?


Anonymous Huzaifa Dala said...

Creativity... spurs economies.. But when economies are spurging, you want to occur minimum loss in investment, hence creativity takes a step back until the economy slows down... hence i believe the case in india's adv

11:36 AM  
Blogger asgie said...

Creativity does not thrive in a confirmist culture invaded by corporates where every inch of work space is guided by expectations of monetary results......creativity needs individuality, free spirit and living for the day attitude to flourish.....the mediocrity of our culture reflects in every aspect of life including cinema and advertisement....we need a counter culture revolution like the one which happened in US in the 60s

8:20 PM  

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