Saturday, October 08, 2005

Politicians – A Misunderstood Lot …..or Are They Living Up To Their Reputation.

Politician anywhere in this world are always at the receiving end. If you have no one to blame then blame it on the politicians. I think we have taken the politicians for granted, having a preset notion that they are no good and a corrupt lot.
Lets face it, corruption is everywhere and you cannot escape corruption in this capitalistic age. I would accept any politician and consider him good if he is reasonably corrupt to some threshold value, but at the same time is able to give back equally to the society and add to the upliftment of the people.We have everything to gain if a politician is able to achieve that. An idealistic approach today takes us nowhere.
I strongly believe politics is a great career and every young mind should give it a serious thought.

A corrupt Politician is still better than a corrupt Doctor.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Rate It...

Which do you think are the 3 best Ads in Indian Advertising today, based on the following criteria.

  • Creativity
  • Target Audience ( Is the Ad making any difference to the TG)
  • Is the Ad achieving its purpose (ex. Increase in sale value)

Hey…..U can still rate Ads if u do not want to follow the criteria.

Amitabh Bachchan on Manic Endorsement Spree..

AB must be endorsing nearly every brand under the sun. He definitely has taken a cue from Shah Rukh Khan who is a fabulous marketing person himself.
What AB needs to realize is that, there is a certain value attached to every celebrity. People and fans like you for a certain reason because they feel you epitomize that value. If you dilute that value, you start eroding your fan base.
By mindless endorsement of products you may only earn maximum eyeballs, but the respect takes a severe battering.

AB you are the best and we love u for that............ Just don’t change it for petty gains.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hi ! I'm a 'Page 3a' Guy.

The ‘a’ is not a typo error but a desperate attempt to segregate the Page 3 guys from the so-called Page 3 Nomads. Anyone aspiring to be on Page 3 has to earn it. You cannot be one of them just because u r seen in some obscure party or a label launch.

Page ‘3a’ is a perfect tag for such aspirants …work your way towards Page 3 and get noticed for the right reasons.

What Say?

Indian Advertising.....Creativity Lost ?

Creativity is on the decline in the Indian Advertising scene. Ads today are full of celebrities who after a couple of Ads have no clue which products they are actually endorsing. Creativity has taken a backseat just to accommodate celebrity faces. There is a forced attempt by the creative to get an emotional edge in every Ad. They fail to understand that pseudo emotions just don’t work.
The Ads seen on television today in no way qualifies as benchmark for young budding creative copywriters. There are no serious Ads, which can actually inspire someone. I think the gap between
what the client wants, the stuff that creative has to offer and what an end user expects to see is way too large and needs to be bridged. After watching the new Pepsi commercial featuring SRK, I ‘am planning to quit drinking Pepsi. I don’t want to be associated with a brand, which has no Ad sense.

I wonder if creativity and client requirement can ever go hand in hand. What do u think?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Is Selection of Paheli for Oscar Justified ?

Paheli for Oscars from India, Is that the best India could do ?. The Truth is , India has stopped producing quality movies. We just make movies so that it runs for 5 days and with the advent of multiplexers , the movie becomes a hit. Money recovered ... make another crap. This cycle continues. Will someone ever break the shackles and make a movie that can really be counted.
There were just not enough movies in the basket to select from which could be sent to the Oscars. Again there was 'BLACK' which was a strong contender , but didn't make it. Let us for once send movies for their value perse rather then trying show India.
If u've got anything to say regarding the above topic ... be my guest.We need to be heard... and may be we will make a difference.